Your Collection

Step-by-step your collection!

The key of best result of your collection nesessery good comminication with your phlebotomist! Keep your phlebotomist updated at each stage!


How will be communication process for your collection?

On receiving your details from the cord blood bank, we will then assign to you two phlebotomists and provide them with your appropriate contact details.

Within 24 hours of booking our service, you will be allocated a primary phlebotomist who will call to introduce themselves to you, and to further discuss your options that are open to you on your journey with us.However, should you require any further information that we can in addition arrange for one of our umbilical cord blood and tissue advisors to also contact you.

When should you contact to your Phlebotomist?

When the first signs of your labour start to show, we ask you contact your primary phlebotomist immediately on the number provided. Your primary phlebotomist will contact your backup phlebotomist to inform them also.

We ask you keep your phlebotomist updated at each stage of each examination when at the hospital, this will usually be every four hours, or depending if the midwife expects the labour may progress faster than expected.

During operating hours, we also ask you to consider our phlebotomists travelling in the London area may need to use the services of public transport or underground services which may cause delayed disruptions with communication.

Normally we would not expect a phlebotomist to attend the birthing acility before you have reached 8cm dilated.

Where does your Phlebotomist do the collection?

Your collections are performs in a separate room from your birth room. However your phlebotomist will enter the birth room if they need to collect a maternal blood sample. Please ensure that we do advise doing this before delivery.

Also our phlebotomists also perform utero collections which means that the cord blood is collected before the placenta has been delivered. However this can only be performed with the consent for both the midwife and yourself.


Which birth type is suitable for collection?

Cord blood and cord tissue collections can be performed whether your delivery option is natural, caesarean or water birth in any home or hospital.

Your birth plan also contains your third stage requirements of your delivery. If you require to have the cord blood and the cord tissue collected please ensure these are also included within your birth plan.

Aware of the importance of the work we do, we work with a great love!